Shawn Kirkpatrick

Go blindly where everyone sighted has gone before.

Travels with Loadstone

Celebration of Light Fireworks

Love a front row seat to Vancouver's Celebration of Light, so I marked this rock using #LoadstoneGPSForTheBlind. Since 2010, I've watched the show from this very spot.

Fireworks viewing spot at English Bay


2010 Winter Olympics

Visited all the pavilions during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver using #LoadstoneGPSForTheBlind and found my way to ziplining over the city.

Shawn ziplining over Vancouver


Vancouver Parks

Launched the Vancouver Parks Database in #LoadstoneGPSForTheBlind and spent a sunny day exploring green spaces along the waterfront.

Shawn on the Vancouver waterfront


Canada Place

Canada Place in downtown Vancouver used to be a confusing jumble of businesses until I used #LoadstoneGPSForTheBlind to mark specific points that helped me get oriented.

Shawn at Canada Place

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