Shawn Kirkpatrick

Go blindly where everyone sighted has gone before.

Visually Impaired Electronic Resource

Nowadays, dial-up internet service is hardly ever used because high-speed internet connections are faster and just as affordable. However, in 1994, when the internet was just becoming popular to consumers, this was not the case. At the time, I was the System Administrator/Loan Bank Coordinator for the Western Association of Persons with Vision Impairment (WAPVI.) I was overseeing the distribution and maintenance of computer loan bank equipment to provide clients with accessible computer systems. I, along with some colleagues, decided to create an internet service provider to provide internet access to persons who are blind or visually-impaired for a low monthly cost.

For this project I had to learn the Linux operating system as well as increase my knowledge of computer hardware. I also had to design and implement an interface that was accessible to the visually impaired.
My ability to learn ne
w programming languages quickly was very useful for this project because I had to learn the perl programming language.
This service, although its membership has decreased, still exists and I manage user accounts and provide technical support to meet users’ needs

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