Shawn Kirkpatrick

Go blindly where everyone sighted has gone before.

Dividing Line Broadcasting Network

Internet radio is a rapidly growing industry. More and more artists are using the internet to launch or revitalize their careers. In 2003, I was hired to design a Vancouver-based internet radio station to support the promotion of independent artists. The Dividing Line Broadcasting Network (DLBN) would have a mix of live shows as well as an automated music feed.
I hadn’t worked with internet radio before this project. Since this was an already running internet radio station and web hosting company I had to make my changes with as little disruption as possible.
I changed the station’s operating system from Windows to Linux and researched compatible audio streaming solutions, which I then tested. When a streaming solution was chosen, I Implemented broadcasting capability to stream music and live shows.
My knowledge of the Linux operating system and computer programming were very useful for this project.
I manage web hosting to maintain web presence and I provide ongoing technical support to ensure smooth station operation. In April 2010, when DLBN celebrated its tenth anniversary, I implemented the capability to broadcast live performances from Canada and the United States.

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